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Sights / Sight PO4-10x40

Optical sight of variable magnification PO4-10x40 in a tough metal body is designed for observation of distant objects and aimed shooting from sporting guns, including airguns, in day and twilight time and aimed shooting from hunting guns of different bore.


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Базовая комплектация 145.50   USD

Technical specifications
Magnification4 - 10
Angular field of view4°40’ - 2°
Value of 1 division of ranging mechanism, mm/100m7
Diameter of objective, mm40
Exit pupil diameter, mm8,6 - 4
The body central portion diameter, mm25,4
Resolution9'' - 5''
Eye relief, mm75 - 67
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-20...+40
Overall dimensions, mm60х350
Mass, kg0.43
Warranty, years5

The sight has a smooth variation of magnification from 4x to 10x and free aperture of the lens of 40 mm, it will be fully operational at temperatures of -20 to +40°C and can withstand a direct hit of rain and snow.

The sight PO4-10x40 has an eyepiece diopter adjuster of -3 to +3 diopters, as well as sighting mechanisms for vertical and lateral adjustments when zeroing the gun and in the process of operation. The sight shall be mounted on the gun using a widespread standard brackets (option) with the diameter of the central part of the housing of 1 inch (25.4 mm).

At low magnification, the sight has the greatest field of view. With low magnification, it is recommended to search for targets and shoot at small distances. When the magnification is changed, there is no distraction of the sighting line, i.e. adjustment of the sight is not disturbed, and also there is no defocusing of the observed object.

PO4-10x40 has 4 types of laying marks and comes with any of them as per choice of the customer

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