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Range finder / Laser binocular range finder BD-1

Laser binocular range finder BD-1 is designed for visual observation of terrain and measuring distance to the targets both in the day time and in twilight.


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Technical specifications
Angular field of view6,7
Eye relief, mm18
Range of measured distance, m150 ... 20000
Minimal measured distance, m150
Measurement error, m± 10
Diopter setting rangeform -4 to +4 dptrs.
Angle measurement range in asimuth±30-00 mils
Angle measurement range in elevation±5-00 mils
Operating temperature range, C, from/to -50 ... +50
Wavelength , mkm1,06
Output energy, mJ15
The pulse duration, nsec6
Beam divergence at 0.5 energy, mrad.0,6
Overall dimensions, mm116х221х225
Mass, kg2.5

Complete with the angular instrument the range finder is designed for referencing ground location point by the predetermined landmark coordinates and is capable of:

  •  measuring horizontal angles and magnetic azimuths
  • measuring vertical angles and angles of elevation
  • determination of target and landmark polar coordinates;
  • polar-to-rectangular landmark and target coordinate conversion.

When the range finder is used at an ambient temperature of above +35°C and under direct sunrays, a cover is to be put on the range finder. For additional cooling, it is recommended to moisten the cover with water.

     The range finder sight is provided with special protection of the operator's eyes against laser emission. A large eye relief of the sight allows to operate the range finder without removing spectacles.

     The measurement result is displayed in meters on a 5-digit indicator and may be also taken out to a computer in multiplex binary coded decimal code for further calculations.

     With several targets being on beam of the range finder (observed in the reticle gap), the decimal point is displayed in the least significant digit position of the range indicator. In this event, the range finder may be used as aimed, to range the first or the last target by depressing the MEASURE  I or MEASURE  L button, respectively.

     The range finder may find application:

  • in geological and engineering survey, repair works, for laying pipe-lines, including water obstacles;
  • in arrangement of navigation beacons, while navigating vessels passing narrow places  (for maritime and fluvial navigation);
  • in measurement of the flight altitude from helicopters, balloons.

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