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BPC6 8x30 "BAIGISH" binoculars with ruby coating
Compact lightweight binoculars with 8x magnification in the rubber housing. Ruby lens coating works as a light filter – in the day time it protects from sun glare, in the night and twilight enhances the contrast of the image.

Gift sets from JSC "KOMZ"
Gift sets from JSC "KOMZ" - ЗТ8-24х40М telescope and BKFC 10х40М binoculars with the finish in the technique of "Zlatoust steel engraving", БПЦ5 8х30М binoculars with case in genuine leather and chromed body parts in gift box ...

BPC2 10x40 "BAIGISH" binoculars with ruby coating
Universal binoculars of medium magnification (10x) in the rubber housing. Equally suitable for observations in nature, in the woods, on the river and in the town, in sports events. Due to the large exit pupil, it perfectly works in the evening until twilight.

ZT 8-24х40 spotting scope with ruby symbols in the form of emblem of the Russian Federation.
Spotting scope with the possibility of a smooth variation of magnification from 8x to 24x. It is very compact when collapsed. A wonderful gift in the souvenir design with the application of ruby symbols on the lens.


Popular models

BPC 10x40 “Baigish”
The BPC 10x40 “Baigish” binoculars are made by classical Porro prism design with central focusing. The binoculars perfectly operate under all climatic conditions at a temperature of –40 to +50°C.
BPC 10x40 “Baigish”
Angular field of view6°30'
Linear field of view at a distance of 1000m114
Diameter of objective, mm40
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-40 ... +50
Weight, kg0.75
Warranty, years5

BPC 15x50 “Baigish”
High magnification binoculars - BPC 15x50 “Baigish” are made by classical Porro prism design with central focusing.
BPC 15x50 “Baigish”
Angular field of view4°37'
Linear field of view at a distance of 1000m81
Diameter of objective, mm50
Operating temperature range, C, from/to -40 ... +50
Weight, kg1
Warranty, years5

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